6/24/2009 - Under new management
As you may be aware, macrochan has changed hands. Don't worry, it's still the same shit.

Rather than fight the old python code, I have elected to rewrite the site in php. I have created a new tag search page that accepts positive and negative tag queries. Hopefully, it is easier to use than the old search horrors. There are some known problems with how the new search interacts with the old tag database.

The tags are currently arranged in a strict hierarchy which is nice for browsing but makes it difficult to do certain searches. For example, the "Cats" tag has 20+ child tags but images in those child tags are not tagged "Cats" - they are only tagged with the child tag (ie "Longcat", "Ceilingcat", etc). This makes it impossibly complicated to do a query for say, all "Cats" images that are not tagged "Motivational Poster". My plan is to apply the parent tag to all child nodes where appropriate and refactor the tags to be more of a cloud than a hierarchy. It should be posible to do this while maintaining the browse tree.

Here is my current todo list (abridged):
  • Tag Clean-up
    • Remove/fix tags with duplicate names (currently breaks search)
    • Remove useless tags
    • Refactor tags
  • Image Clean-up
    • Remove duplicate images (needs to be done programatically, there are thousands)
    • Resize gigantic images (original size will still be available)
    • Thumbnail improvements/optimizations
  • Site features
    • Update system
    • Recent images
    • User image submission form
    • User image rating / top rated
    • OCR data for all images
    • User comments